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Richard L. Matthis

Richard "Larencio" Matthis is a composer living in Kansas City, Missouri USA. He is 66 years young.

He began composing music in October 2007 and has has created; 160 compositions ranging from full symphonic, opera, pop vocals, country western vocals, jazz vocals and instrumental chamber music in a wide variety of instrumentation settings.

He is registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

Creative Concept Enterprises is an ASCAP and SoundExchange registered music publisher.

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First Major Upload of Sheet Music to Load.CD Site

News 21.02.2012

Greetings from Kansas City, USA! We have just looked over the first four pages of sheet music uploading for Load.CD site: full scores and vocal scores for all of our published work. Load.CD does an excellent job with technical ...

Opus 60 Completes Work for 2010

News 23.11.2010

We completed Opus 60 "Between Dusk and Dawn" earlier this week. The holidays in the United States are Quickly approaching. It's time for reflection as the New Year approaches with its as yet untold series of beautiful moments scattered between handling ...

!! Magic Number 50 Reached !!

News 17.08.2010

We just uploaded Opus 50 and Opus 51 to the Load.CD site. It has taken us almost three years to reach a total of fifty compositions. We have over 100 product offerings on the Load.CD site. There is so much more to do! Stay TUNED! /s/ Larencio