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First Major Upload of Sheet Music to Load.CD Site

News 21.02.2012, 11:22

Greetings from Kansas City, USA! We have just looked over the first four pages of sheet music uploading for Load.CD site: full scores and vocal scores for all of our published work. Load.CD does an excellent job with technical support! Glad to be a part of the Load.CD roster of Contemporary Composers! Main company site located at: where preview length audio (larger than the 5mb maximum at Load.CD) can be heard. Ciao! "Larencio"


Opus 60 Completes Work for 2010

News 23.11.2010, 14:40

We completed Opus 60 "Between Dusk and Dawn" earlier this week. The holidays in the United States are Quickly approaching. It's time for reflection as the New Year approaches with its as yet untold series of beautiful moments scattered between handling crisis after crisis. Many, many thanks to wonderful people that make up the team at Load.CD. This company is going to lead the way into a bright and rewarding future while the print music publishing business continues its decline into insolvency. ...


!! Magic Number 50 Reached !!

News 17.08.2010, 15:33

We just uploaded Opus 50 and Opus 51 to the Load.CD site. It has taken us almost three years to reach a total of fifty compositions. We have over 100 product offerings on the Load.CD site. There is so much more to do! Stay TUNED! /s/ Larencio


! Thank You to the Load.CD Team !

News 24.06.2010, 10:27

We've nearly completed uploading "Performance Bundles" of all compositions to the Load.CD site: Zipped folders containing full score, instrumental parts, and, where applicable, vocal scores. Also, some of the folders contain SmartMusic (version 2008) rehearsal files for use by solo performers. The Load.CD TEAM has gone above and beyond to create the premier digital sheet music site on the World Wide Web! Composers are welcome to market their music to the Global Village through this fantastic website! Come ...


First Act of New Opera Project Uploaded to Load.CD

News 17.05.2010, 10:11

We had been searching for a couple of years for a long poem or other literary work from the Medieval Period (1000-1500 AD) to use for libretto in our second opera. We ran across the text of a medieval morality play from that period in English history called " The Castle of Perseverence ." (sic) The over 3,500 lines of metrical text we located online had been modernized by Professor Dr. Alexandra F. Johnston, Victoria University, University of Toronto. We asked for and received written permission from Dr. ...