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Opus 60 Completes Work for 2010

News 23.11.2010 14:40
We completed Opus 60 "Between Dusk and Dawn" earlier this week. The holidays in the United States are Quickly approaching. It's time for reflection as the New Year approaches with its as yet untold series of beautiful moments scattered between handling crisis after crisis.

Many, many thanks to wonderful people that make up the team at Load.CD. This company is going to lead the way into a bright and rewarding future while the print music publishing business continues its decline into insolvency.

Twenty-first Century composers continue run into a wall of disdain:

1. The creative directors of the major symphonies around the planet. We've seen the complaints of the directors of major symphonies bemoaning the extension of copyrights by composers and their heirs. This, from the first tier pay grade staff in specially created U.S. 501C "non-profit corporations".

2. The soundtracks of major films are no longer be created in the United States due to ever encompassing needs of absolute greed. Rather, soundtracks are being created by orchestras in Europe that will work for less remuneration than that enforced by musician union contracts in the U.S.

Happy Holidays to all!

Richard "Larencio" Matthis
Creative Concept Enterprises
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


It seems we were wrong about our completion of work in 2010. The music never seems to end. To give some idea of what we daily contend with, we respectively offer the following information about another famous composer from days long gone by:

"George Frederich Handel composed "Messiah" in just 24 days, August 22 to September 14 1741."

No one will EVER be able to convince us that George Handel did not endure manic episodes having bursts of sheer energetic creativity.


from Quality Hill, Kansas City, MO, USA


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